ウィリアム・ウィダルトWilliam Widarto

ビジネスディレクター/Business Director

2018年2月、経営者JPのシンガポール法人KEIEISHA JP ASIAに参画。東南アジア諸国のエネルギー、プラント、建設、重工業領域を中心としたサーチコンサルタントとしてアジア、グローバル経営人材・リーダー人材のキャリア支援、幹部採用支援を手掛けている。
EA Reg:シンガポール人材紹介業ライセンス個人番号「R1547324」

Born in Surabaya, Indonesia in 1984. Studied Japanese Linguistics (B.A.) at D.r SOETOMO University in Surabaya and received a full scholarship from Japan Government to study at Shinshu University.
Soon after his graduation, he took up his first job in recruitment with one of the largest Japanese Executive Search firms, JAC Indonesia, in 2008. He then jumped into the banking sector with The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ a year after. He decided to join back in recruitment industry with JAC Indonesia in January 2012, focusing on senior positions within industrial and consumer sector.
In the beginning of 2013, he was being appointed to setup a new JAC Surabaya office from scratch, starting from feasibility studies, budgeting, hiring, as well as overseeing the profit & loss. His responsibilities include but not limited to heading up Surabaya office, managing operations, budgeting, sales, billing, and team’s personal development.
In May 2015, he moved to Singapore to join another Japanese large Executive Search firm, RGF International, to take up an opportunity to learn more skills and understanding the whole South East Asia businesses. He continued to focus in industrial sector, he then added his knowledge and understanding more into technical and managerial positions.
In August 2016, he then joined with Spencer Ogden, a UK based specialist Executive Search firm, in energy sector. In Spencer Odgen, he became a specialist in engineering and construction within power generation sector. Focused in delivering solutions of manpower and recruitment for technical and managerial positions across South East Asia.
EA Personnel Registration Number 「R1547324」

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